Decrypting the Code to Crypto Success: The Story of Investor Jonathan Cohen

March 28 21:03 2024

Jonathan Cohen, born in Glasgow, UK and grew up in London.  

In 1998, he obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Harvard University and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of London. He joined Goldman Sachs as a senior strategist, responsible for industry research, industry allocation and US stock strategy research. With his in-depth research and keen insights into the stock market, he achieved excellent results in multiple fields.

In 2002, Jonathan Cohen obtained a second bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Oxford University and became a member of Balliol College.

He successfully predicted major events such as the US economic recovery in 2003, the US presidential election in 2004, and the US real estate bubble in 2005, and provided valuable investment advice to customers. He was invited to join the senior vice president of Janus Henderson Investors and joined the VanEck Bitcoin research team in 2016.

Jonathan Cohen really became famous in 2008 when he warned customers that the market was about to collapse on the eve of the 2008 financial crisis. Based on his early macroeconomic judgment, during the 2008 financial turmoil, when many large funds lost money or even went bankrupt, Jonathan Cohen’s fund achieved a monthly total return of 26%. He achieved accelerated growth for six consecutive years. Risk control and adherence to principles are his trading principles.

After 2016, Jonathan Cohen began his own investment career. When cryptocurrencies were initially overlooked by the outside world, before BTC entered the first bull market, Jonathan Cohen determined after meticulous investigation and research that the opportunity had arrived. He bought a large amount of BTC and earned great benefits, so he was called the father of cryptocurrency investment.

Jonathan Cohen not only focuses on bitcoin trading, but also leads a team to invest in other highly potential cryptocurrency projects, especially after the crypto market crash in September 2017, when market panic sentiments were high. Under Jonathan Cohen’s leadership, the investment team doubled assets through shorting the market with contract trading.

In 2018, through in-depth research on corporate fundamentals and market dynamics, he successfully screened out many potential stocks and achieved rich returns in the securities market and cryptocurrency contract trading. He has a global vision and an in-depth understanding of global financial markets, world macroeconomic trends, and economic policies. He is adept at accurately grasping market focuses and industry allocation, with outstanding investment skills and leadership abilities. He was listed as one of the “50 Most Influential Financial Figures in the World” by Fortune Magazine.  

On February 12, 2019, according to Yonhap News Agency, Jonathan Cohen was invited by Kim Jong-un to visit North Korea in March; in April, he received an honorary doctorate from Pusan National University.

In 2020, Jonathan Cohen invested US$20 million in venture capital funds and re-entered the cryptocurrency contract trading market, truly beginning his dazzling career as an independent investor. Through the cryptocurrency contract trading market, he embodied his investment style to the fullest. In order to prevail in international investment activities, he has never stopped exploring the crypto market and has continued to refine the password for trading success in trading. He sees this as one of the most direct ways to understand the dynamics of the crypto market.  

In 2021, Jonathan Cohen also achieved huge success in the field of cryptocurrency ICOs. His in-depth analysis of projects and acute grasp of market trends enabled him to select projects with the most potential and lead his team to participate in them. That same year, he also achieved tremendous success in the cryptocurrency contract trading market. He completed an annual trading profit of over 4000%, earning 40 times the initial US$20 million cryptocurrency contract trading account.

In 2022, he completed the famous “10 Trading Rules” in the cryptocurrency contract trading market through trading rules and helped more than 100,000 people complete independent trading in cryptocurrency contract trading.  

In 2023, he led the team to break the single-day highest return rate record in the cryptocurrency contract trading market. At the same time, this year he created the “Global Trading Community”, providing an open learning and sharing platform for those who love cryptocurrency.

In March 2024, Jonathan Cohen led community members to create a 2000% trading profit through cryptocurrency contract trading in just 10 trading days.

Jonathan Cohen not only has the ability to accurately grasp market trends, but more importantly, he is adept at scientifically controlling investment risks and rationally configuring investment strategies, which is the foundation for his team’s huge success in the cryptocurrency market.

Investment philosophy:

“I don’t think I’m particularly smart, but I am extraordinarily hardworking. If you work very hard at something you really care about, I think you can accomplish great things.” – Jonathan Cohen

“I always found that studying was very useful. I found that if I just acted according to my own understanding, it was both easy and profitable, rather than having others tell me what to do.” Jonathan Cohen has never valued Wall Street securities analysts. He believes these people go with the flow, when in fact no one can get rich by going with the flow. “I can guarantee the market is always wrong. You have to think independently, you have to discard herd mentality.”

“If you buy because the goods have actual value, even if your timing is wrong, you will not suffer major losses.” “Normally, it is best to sit still, with minimal transactions, and patiently wait for investment opportunities to arise.” “I do not consider myself a speculator, I am only an opportunist, waiting for opportunities to arise and taking action only with full confidence.” – Jonathan Cohen

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