Green is the New Black: Mender’s Sustainable IT Solutions Take Center Stage

June 02 23:03 2023

Mender, an exciting innovator in sustainable IT solutions, is revolutionizing technology circularity with its approach to recycling and remarketing. Amid mounting pressure to embrace sustainability and comply with ESG regulations, mender offers a refreshing alternative, mending the relationship between corporations and the natural world by maximizing the untapped potential of existing tech assets and resources. 

Mender has burst onto the scene, promoting innovative solutions into the ITAD space. Co-founders Kent Taggart and Robert Erwin have transformed their company into a purpose-driven organization, bidding farewell to its former identity as ITAD Solutions Texas. Their fresh approach, the “mender method,” empowers clients to forge a stronger bond with the environment by repurposing and reselling existing technology in a vibrant secondary marketplace.

“Having earned their R2v3 certification, mender practices what they preach,” said Steven Napoli, President and CEO of The Electronics Reuse and Recycling Alliance (TERRA). “They regularly demonstrate their commitment to best sustainability practices through their transparency and the manner in which they conduct their business.”

Mender’s tailor-fit services eliminate waste, reduce carbon impact and supercharge retired tech’s revenue potential. Extending the life cycle of technology resources like lithium, copper, gold and cobalt reduces the need for environmentally deleterious mining, paving the way for a coexistence between progress and ecological preservation. 

Mender invests in land and wildlife conservation and is seeking a conservation partner and beneficiary. Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword, but an integral part of mender’s DNA. Portions of revenue also flow back to clients’ IT budgets or charitable donations. Mender is redefining what it means to be socially and environmentally responsible, one tech revival at a time.

“Our mission at mender goes beyond making money off of the first world’s retired technology,” said CEO Kent Taggart. “We are working with our clients to mend their relationship with the natural world, reducing environmental impact by implementing effective, global solutions. We’re here to drive change and make ESG compliance not just a checkbox but a source of pride and accomplishment for Fortune 1,000 companies.”

With mender, businesses unlock a new level of simplicity in their sustainability reporting and ITAD while mitigating risks and ensuring compliance. The comprehensive reporting mender provides leaves no stone unturned. From landfill diversion to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, they are a guiding light in an ever-evolving landscape of ESG regulations.

Discover how mender’s innovative solutions can transform IT practices and pave the way for a brighter, greener world.

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