Unleashes Version 2.0, Shaking Up the Data Analytics and Integration Market

June 02 22:24 2023, one of the key players in the data automation and analytics market, is thrilled to announce 2.0 – a major release that will revolutionize the way businesses leverage their data. now has more than 280 integrations and a complete ETL (Extract – Transform – Load) toolset. The platform empowers its customers to understand their data, draw actionable insights, and then turn these into growth opportunities. Hailing out of Ukraine, the rapidly-growing startup has already tripled its revenue over the last six months and is poised for further explosive growth with its new release.

Effective data visualization is essential for understanding one’s data, discovering insights, and seizing growth opportunities. However, the scarcity of highly skilled analysts proficient in transforming data into actionable visualizations poses a significant challenge for organizations. 2.0 tackles this problem head on with its highly-anticipated Looker Studio integration. Users can now connect virtually any app they use to the BI tool. Leveraging the no-code Looker Studio integrations, they can turn raw data into actionable visualizations and dashboards within minutes, propelling their organizations to harness the power of their data.

Traditional data collection solutions leave users in the dark, as they lack visibility into the outcomes and often require repetitive testing to achieve the desired results. This is set to change with another standout functionality coming with this release – a brand new Preview & Transform module. 

With it, users gain unprecedented control over their data right on the platform. Rather than export the data into spreadsheets for the necessary transformations, users can apply transformations directly on the platform. This includes filtering data, managing columns, changing data types, and even creating new calculated fields. Any changes they apply can be immediately previewed, which will also prove extremely handy when blending data across the business apps.

In addition to these robust features, the platform welcomes a host of new source apps, including Stripe, YouTube, and Instagram Ads, joining nearly 70 other sources already available. This expansion brings great benefits to marketers, salespeople, financial officers, and other professionals, as they can seamlessly integrate data from all their apps and effortlessly analyze their cross-channel efforts, all in a fully-automated manner.

It’s worth emphasizing that despite all these additions and new features, still sets itself apart from competitors with its simplicity, user-friendly interface, and unmatched ability to set up desired data flows within minutes.

“Our mission at is to help organizations make sense of their data. With this remarkable milestone, we are now on the verge of reaching our ultimate goal.” – said Olexander Paladiy, the Product Director at “Today’s release marks a significant leap forward and turns a handy data integration tool into a full-fledged ETL platform. We believe the new features will change the way users collect their data, process it, and ultimately, use it to their advantage.”

The company’s ongoing commitment to driving innovation in the industry is evident as many more features are already under development and poised for release in the coming months. has garnered recognition as a top solution by numerous industry experts, and these upcoming features will further solidify its respected position.

About is an industry-leading data analytics and automations platform that aids organizations in making sense of their data. The key features of the platform include:

–  280+ integrations available for fully-automated data transfers
–  A complete ETL (Extract – Transform – Load) toolset
–  Data blending, transformation, scheduling, and more has helped 700,000+ customers save time, automate repetitive processes, and accelerate their growth with data-driven decisions. The platform offers a 14-day free trial with no credit card required, providing ample opportunity to experience its powerful capabilities firsthand.

Sign up today and unlock the power of 2.0 for any business.

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