Yolissa Hair New Arrivals Of Wear-And-Go Wigs In Summer

June 02 16:54 2023
Yolissa Hair New Arrivals Of Wear-And-Go Wigs In Summer
Yolissa Hair

Every year, there is a new trend in human hair wig styles. Wig lovers are crazy about various lace wigs and new type of lace wigs. This year, wear-and-go wigs occupied a big part of the market because they are so convenient for daily use. If you have tried a wear-and-go wig already, you must not miss the new arrivals of wear-and-go wigs with highlights this summer. Let’s start the shopping journey now!

What Are The Advantages Of Wear And Go Wigs?

1. 3S-Installation And Beginner-Friendly

The wear-and-go wigs are mainly lace closure wigs, which are easier to install than lace front wigs. The lace is pre-cut, and it is not necessary to use glue to fix the lace on your forehead. It is 100% glueless wig. Customers can put on the wig and take it off quickly. The wig is super friendly for wig beginners.

2. Pre-Plucked Natural Hairline And 100% Glueless

Wear-and-go wigs are pre-plucked hairline. Some people are not skilled in plucking the hairline, which may damage the lace when forced wrongly. Moreover, they are 100% glueless wigs, which are friendly to allergic wig wearers. So it is much simple and more convenient to wear a wig.

3. 3D Dome Cap With Elastic Band Sewn In

3D Dome Cap means no bulging on the top, so it suits your head perfectly. The wig caps of wear-and-go wigs are more stretchy and breathable. It is much more comfortable to wear on the head. Besides, the elastic band is sew into the wig cap. Customers can adjust the wig cap to make it look natural. Of course, it helps to secure the wig in case of sliding when there is no glue to fix the lace.

New Arrivals Of Wear And Go Wig With Highlights

1. P4/613 Brown And Blonde Wig

This color has been super hot since last year. Customers rush to buy this highlight wig to keep up with fashion trends. P4/613 highlight wigs are Yolissa Exclusive Original products, which bring fame and a lot of loyal customers.

Now Yolissa Hair launches wear-and-go wigs in this color. It can meet the needs of office workers who don’t have time to install a wig every morning. Not only 5×5 lace closure wigs but also you can buy 5×9 lace closure wigs. It is 5 inches deep and 9 inches wide from temple to temple.

2. P4/27 Brown And Honey Blonde Wig

P4/27 highlight wig is a classical wig you can see it at every hair company. Most sellers sell it as 13×4 lace front wigs, but it takes at least one hour to fix it on the head. It is equally important to save time on installing a wig and wear beautiful colored wigs in life. The wear-and-go wigs in color P4/27 achieve both. The wigs are pre-cut lace and pre-plucked hairline, so you don’t need to waste time before work.

3.Colored Wear And Go Wigs In Customization

Except for black wigs, we can also customize the wear-and-go wigs in different colors. Customers can offer a pic of the color they like, contact Yolissa Hair Service for customization. Such as honey blonde color, brown color, as well as other highlight colors.

How do you like the new trend of wear-and-go wigs? They are recognized as quite practical wigs in daily life. Quick installation,100% glueless, easy and comfortable wig cap, do not think more, contact Yolissa Hair right now and purchase an exclusive wig for yourself!

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