Matthew Larmond’s Inspirational Journey To Stardom – A Multifaceted Personality Full Of Energy And Potential

March 17 21:38 2023
Matthew Larmond’s Inspirational Journey To Stardom - A Multifaceted Personality Full Of Energy And Potential

Born and brought up in Jamaica, Matthew Larmond has always aspired to make it big in the music, fashion, and entertainment industry. The multifaceted personality who is full of energy and potential has always been the center of attention wherever life takes him. It is safe to say his footsteps toward the pursuit of happiness have always led him to immense stardom.

Matthew Larmond was born on 29th September 1991 in Jamaica. He migrated to London, England in 1996 along with his parents Karen Larmond and Richard Larmond. “My parents always stood up for me. During my younger days, they used to say I was born for stardom. And, here I am, standing true to every word they said back then,” says the exceptionally talented artist.

Singing, dancing, and taking pictures fascinated young Matthew Larmond. Be it playing soccer, participating in dance competitions, or the gospel choir, his parents ensured he got the opportunity to outshine in all kinds of extra-curricular activities from the beginning. His parents took pride in how incredibly talented he was and nicknamed him Romeo, a name that has stuck with him throughout his life and career.

Throughout his career, Romeo was aware of his talent; all he wanted was to make a mark in the industry. He began playing semi-professional football for local teams at the age of 15. During those days, his mother encouraged him to model because he had striking and beautiful looks. At the age of 16, he signed a modeling contract with a large modeling agency called BMA Models, and he was destined for greatness from that point forward.

Romeo afterward left BMA models after ten years to try out new agencies, while still playing football. But he knew he had to concentrate more on his modeling career, which led him to join a new agency called Sandra Reynolds, where he chose to stay for about 5 years.

Romeo came from a family of musicians and his parents sang in church, which inspired him to sing as well. In 2012, he auditioned for X Factor, which was telecasted in the United Kingdom; unfortunately, this was the year before his mother passed away from a heart attack.

“Christmas 2013 found me unexpectedly at home. I felt the pressures of striving to succeed as a star now since my mother died, never giving up on my goals and aspirations, which led me to concentrate more on my music. I released a few tracks on Spotify to assist people going through the same anguish I was experiencing,” says Romeo, the sensational phenomenon taking Instagram by storm.

In recent years, his passion for the camera led him to work as an extra. Some of the biggest names in the industry that he has worked alongside include Common The Rapper, Cameron Diaz, and Jamie Fox amongst several other A-list celebrities. He is currently pursuing his goal of becoming one of the biggest names around the globe, concentrating more on himself as an actor as well as an overall artist. He hopes of disseminating his positive energy and good vibes worldwide through his artistic creations.

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