Indie Author Florian Bushy’s “Living Green and the Smoke” Wins Literary Titan Award for Outstanding Children’s Book

March 17 17:08 2023
Indie Author Florian Bushy's "Living Green and the Smoke" Wins Literary Titan Award for Outstanding Children's Book

United Kingdom – “Living Green and the Smoke,” the first book in the “Living Green” series by indie author Florian Bushy, has been awarded the Literary Titan Award for its exceptional educational content and creative approach to teaching young readers about climate change and the importance of teamwork.

In “Living Green and the Smoke,” Mrs. Florence and Mr. Florian, two adventurous characters, set out to discover the source of the pollution in the forest. Through their journey, they uncover the harmful effects of air pollution and the importance of working together to protect the planet.

The book is part of the “Living Green” series, which aims to promote environmental awareness, teamwork, respect, and friendship in children. The series is available in English, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.

Florian Bushy, the award-winning author, has been an environmentalist since attending the ECO-92 Earth Summit in 1992. He has since written books, produced short documentaries, and worked to make a difference in the world by promoting environmental protection, friendship, and mutual respect.

In a review by Literary Titan, the book was praised for its ability to convey a serious and complicated subject in a way that young children can understand. The review recommends “Living Green and the Smoke” to educators and parents who want to introduce the idea of climate change and teamwork to their children.

“The book’s narrative structure provides a relatable and enjoyable learning experience for children, allowing them to grasp complex environmental issues and the importance of teamwork in solving problems,” says Literary Titan reviewer.

The book’s success has also earned recognition from other industry experts, including a five-star rating on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

“The book’s message about environmental protection and the importance of working together to solve global problems is timely and relevant, making it an excellent addition to any children’s book collection,” says a verified Amazon customer.

With an emphasis on promoting environmental awareness, the “Living Green” series provides an educational and entertaining reading experience for children of all ages. The series encourages children to become active participants in protecting the planet and promoting a sustainable future.

“I am thrilled to receive this award and to see that the message of ‘Living Green and the Smoke’ is resonating with readers and industry professionals alike,” says Bushy. “I hope that the book will continue to inspire children to become active participants in protecting our planet and promoting sustainable living practices.”

“Living Green and the Smoke” is available on Amazon, iBooks, and Barnes and Noble in both print and ebook formats. The book is also available for purchase on other online retailers.

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