HGVT Provides Training for Class 2 and 7.5 Tonne HGV Driver Licence

March 15 12:52 2023

Through standard driver training centres, drivers who aspire to advance in their careers can do so without hassle. These training centres will prepare them both for their licence acquisition exams and for various challenges they might encounter on the road. By this, they will be properly equipped to take on any driving task.

In the United Kingdom, HGVT is a distinguished driver training platform providing drivers of different companies with standard and effective driver training programs. As a leading driver training academy, their courses are customised to help build drivers’ theoretical knowledge and practical skills in driver licence certification training for CAT C+E/CLASS 1, CAT C1, CAT C/CLASS 2, and CPC certification training.

Exceptional Class 2 HGV Licence Training

The Class 2 HGV licence for drivers is one that any driver can use to begin an HGV driving career. This licence, also known as the LGV/HGV Cat C licence, covers vehicles of more than 3500kg and trailers of up to 750kg. Vehicles driven under this licence are called rigid-body vehicles, such as lorries for transporting goods. HGVT offers training services focused on helping drivers upgrade their professional status.

An HGVT spokesperson commented, “We have one of the best training centres in the UK. We guarantee that our training sessions will provide you with all you need to stay confident during your licence acquisition exam. There are requirements for the HGV Cat C licence. It is required that applicants are at least 18 years of age and have a valid car driving licence. It is also important to know that to keep your Class 2 or Cat C licence current, you should go for the periodic 35 hours of CPC training every five years.”

Trusted 7.5 Tonne HGV Horsebox Driver Training”

 There are different requirements attached to vehicles. For example, horse owners involved in taking their animals for training, competition, or medical treatment, are required to use an HGV horsebox. This implies they must get the licence needed for a 7.5-tonne horsebox. Those interested in the 7.5-ton HGV driver licence training can visit HGVT’s website for more information.

The spokesperson added, “We are always available for solutions and guidance regarding any professional driver’s licence. At our training centres, we encourage new horse owners to apply for our HGV horsebox driver training. Through this training program, we help them build confidence in driving their HGV horseboxes. You can trust us to make the registration and training process seamless.”

Professional HGV Licence Training

Getting an HGV licence would mean that a driver is ready to be trained in all aspects of driving HGV vehicles, and at HGVT, they provide high-quality training for HGV licence for driving.

Organisations and individuals who need more information about HGVT training offerings and packages in the UK can make consultations through their website – www.hgvt.co.uk, anytime.

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