The International Plumber: A Memoir of Music, Engineering, and Adventures

March 15 09:55 2023
The International Plumber: A Memoir of Music, Engineering, and Adventures
The new book, “The International Plumber” by Anthony Jessop Price, takes readers on a musical and engineering adventure.

March 14, 2023 – Anthony Jessop Price, a retired engineer and musician, has released his debut book, “The International Plumber“, a memoir that recounts his journey from childhood to becoming a Chartered Engineer working for leading Consulting Practices allowing him to travel the globe. The book is a unique blend of engineering and musical adventures, humor, and reflections on a life well-lived.

The title of Price’s memoirs may sound a little dry, but he refrains from telling too much technical detail on water engineering. Instead, he focusses on exploits encountered during his career –singing in Westminster Abbey at Queen Elizabeth II’s Coronation, what shouldn’t have happened when having a private lunch with a Foreign Secretary, giving a convicted poisoner a lift, being a guest at an Ethiopian village Headman’s birthday lunch party and much more.

The book takes readers on a journey through Price’s life, starting with his childhood, where he was surrounded by ecclesiastical, classical and operatic music. His University exploits and early career focused on becoming a Chartered Engineer. Followed by his time in Zambia, where Price was introduced to a whole new world of stage musicals and theatre, where he performed roles such as Pooh-Bah in “The Mikado” and the Caliph of Baghdad in “Kismet”.

One particular song, “When You’re Working in the Dark, Down Below”, became the merging point of Price’s two loves – music and engineering. Thirty years later, Price was chosen as the ‘cabaret’ for a Firm’s get-together at a posh London hotel, where he performed the song, with apologies to Thames Water Authority, to a distinguished assembly of engineering guests.

Throughout the book, readers will be captivated by Price’s engaging storytelling and witty anecdotes as he shares his experiences and adventures in the civil engineering industry during the second half of the 20th century and the diverse cultures and communities he has encountered along the way.

Price’s reflections on his life and experiences add a personal touch to the book, and readers will appreciate the humorous yet insightful approach he brings to each story.

Overall, “The International Plumber” is a captivating memoir intertwining the author’s engineering expertise with a love for music and adventure. Price’s storytelling is both informative and entertaining, making this book a must-read for anyone interested in engineering, travel, social history or who just want a good read and a bit of a laugh.

The International Plumber” by Anthony Jessop Price is now available on Amazon.

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