Bit Horse: A Stunning Debut Novel bv Brenton Healy

March 14 10:43 2023

Brenton Healy declares the release of his most memorable artistic work, Bit Horse, a charging read that makes certain to get the notice of readers across the globe. Bit Horse follows the story of Kenneth, a computer programmer from the Underground, who ends up in a dubious circumstance, until he meets somebody who makes a huge difference. The book is a stunning debut for Healy, a rising star in the scholarly world.

Bit Horse is a book that is super interesting, as readers are taken on an exhilarating excursion through the universe of hacking and the dark web market. Kenneth is a person who isn’t effortlessly neglected, as he utilizes his abilities to explore the deceptive scene of the Underground. As he battles to remain in front of the people who might cause him damage, he finds a reality that will change his life for eternity.

Healy has made a charming story that is both engaging and intriguing. His characters are complex and multi-layered, adding profundity to the story. The composing is fresh and drawing in, keeping readers snared from start to finish. Bit Horse is an exciting read that makes certain to be a hit with readers, everything being equal.

“Bit Horse is a book that I am very glad for,” says Healy. “It is a story that I have been chipping away at for quite a while, and I’m excited to at last have the option to impart it to the world. I accept that readers will partake in the excursion that Kenneth takes them on, and I trust that they will track down the book as engaging and connecting as I did when I was composing it.”

Bit Horse is a book that isn’t to be missed. It is an ideal mix of activity, tension, and show that will keep readers connected beginning to end. Healy’s debut is a masterpiece, and he has set up a good foundation for himself as a promising new voice in the scholarly world.

Bit Horse is accessible for buy at every single significant retailer and can be requested through neighborhood bookstores. For more information, if it’s not too much trouble, contact Brenton Healy at [email protected]

Bit Horse is accessible for buy on Amazon both ebook and paperback format.

For more information contact Brenton Healy at [email protected]


Brenton Healy, a Los-Angeles born author, found solace in writing after losing his father to illness in 2023. Growing up as the child of a specialist and medical caretaker, Healy was a performer who played the drums in a band with his companions. With a longing to express his life and feelings, he went to composing and distributed his debut novel, Bit Horse. He trusts that his book won’t just engage readers yet additionally motivate them to track down solid source for their own feelings and encounters.

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