Foot Health Secrets Revealed – Dr. Paul Betschart’s Newly Released Bestseller Raises Awareness on Foot Health

March 13 11:14 2023

Little Rock, Arkansas, USA – March 13, 2023 – Highly experienced podiatrist Dr. Paul Betschart has now released his new book, The Foot Book: Fast Foot Facts From the Foot Care Front Lines. His new book is a highly valuable educational resource when it comes to all things about foot health. Offering important knowledge in a fun and easy-to-understand format, this new book takes on different topics, from pain to skin conditions, and equips readers with the tools to improve their foot health and live better.

The Foot Book is a comprehensive book that offers the best advice and knowledge from Dr. Paul’s 27 years of experience as a foot and ankle specialist. From talking about the most common foot health issues to taking a deep dive into more complex topics such as Peripheral Neuropathy and sports-related conditions, the book simplifies medical nomenclature for the average reader and helps people develop a solid understanding of their foot health needs. Inspiration for this book came from the rhyming Foot Book from Dr. Paul’s childhood. While the children’s Foot Book contained rhymes about opposites, Dr. Paul’s The Foot Book is an essential read for adults of all ages to become aware of their foot health, which can subsequently help them improve their overall health and live a better life.

Dr. Paul Betschart is passionate about offering expert podiatric care to improve people’s lives. After running his practice in Manhattan for more than 20 years, Dr. Paul moved his clinic to his hometown, Danbury, Connecticut, where he has been offering quality podiatric care ever since. Constantly working with the latest technology to offer more services to his patients, Dr. Paul began working on The Foot Book as a simple yet important foot health guide for the masses. The book offers science and research-based knowledge, along with pictures, to help people understand foot health without making any guesses.

From diagnosis and treatment to surgery and post-care, Dr. Paul and his team offer individualized care to each and every clinic patient. The Foot Book has also been written in a way that makes it easy for each reader to implement the knowledge and advice to their daily lives and make decisions to improve their foot health. Dr. Paul Betschart is available for interviews.

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