Book Clients and Boost Sales with A.I., Not Advertisements

March 11 05:40 2023

Talk about keeping up with trends. With A.I. technology seeping into our daily lives faster than we can keep track of it, many trendsetters are actually putting it to worthwhile use. Sohaib Ahmad, founder of SMB360, is one such innovator. He is proud to launch his new venture – an A.I.-powered software that is helping clinicians to book appointments, leading to fully booked out calendars for up to a year in advance!

All this without spending a dime on ads.

While doing his thesis on Artificial Intelligence for Marketing, Sohaib began to develop this software. Within a short time, it was ready for testing. One of his earliest clients, FueGenix – a hair clinic – now has a fully booked calendar a year-out, with their AOV [average order value] increasing from 2K to 20K, skyrocketing their success in 3 years.

Sohaib is excited to announce that he will be partnering with more hair clinics and other business owners in the cosmetology industry, like Laser Hair Removal, Chiropractic Clinics, Cosmetic Clinics, and Skincare Clinics. With the success of his earlier ventures, he is confident that his software will propel any business towards assured profits.

His aim is to save  time for his clients, and help them get more appointments, allowing them to focus on serving customers instead of acquiring them. His A.I.-powered solution is also cost-effective as it eliminates the need for any and all advertising.

Sohaib, confident as well as enthusiastic to share his invention for the success of others, says,” Let our AI acquire customers for you, so you can focus on what you enjoy most: providing top-notch service.”

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