Cheon Brathwaite is on a Mission to Improve Financial Literacy for Athletes Everywhere

March 11 05:32 2023

Cheon Brathwaite is on a mission to change the financial literacy landscape for athletes in every field, from high school to college, and even the pros. His best-selling book Postgame Profits and upcoming podcast are set to empower athletes with insider knowledge on how to make the most of their assets and build a secure financial future.

The unfortunate reality is that 70-80% of NBA and NFL players go broke or fall into financial strain within 3-5 years after retirement. Cheon’s brand, Postgame Profits, helps combat this issue by providing access to the secrets of successful branding, investing, budgeting, and other financial strategies. With his tools, athletes can establish long-term wealth that extends beyond the lifespan of their sports career.

In his book Postgame Profits, Cheon covers topics such as investment options, retirement planning, building a personal brand, managing taxes, and more. He dives deep into these topics with personal stories from actual athletes as well as industry experts like financial advisors and sports agents. This ensures that readers get an authentic understanding of what it takes to make money outside their sport – something that traditional education may not cover.

His plan to combat these educational gaps is to take his book to the students. Starting August 3rd he is embarking a book tour that will travel to all 83 HBCUs that have sports teams in one year! He will  deliver the education of financially literacy and freedom directly to the student athletes, and naming the tour #FREEthe83!

His upcoming podcast launching in March 2023, will give listeners even more actionable insights from A-list pro athletes, who are successfully navigating life after sports. Cheon hopes that through both the book and podcast he can help bridge the gap between what athletes know about finances at the start of their careers versus when they enter retirement.

By arming athletes with greater clarity in investing, budgeting, debt management, and more – Cheon hopes to have a lasting impact on generations of aspiring professionals by protecting them against future financial challenges when they reach the end of their athletic careers. His passion project is ultimately creating positive change in an area where many once saw no hope or guidance, by becoming the Voice of Financial Literacy for Athletes.

You can join Postgame Profits as a partner empowering the youth, learn more about building a brand as an athlete, or even enter to win a free trip to major sporting events like March Madness every month by visiting

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