Bright Screen NASDAQ, Guangdong citrus shines in Times Square

December 02 22:41 2022
Guangdong citrus brings you great luck as well as tastes. This is a unique auspicious word in Cantonese culture from China.

Source: Nanfang Rural Newspaper

On November 29, local time in New York, a video about Guangdong citrus shows up on the Nasdaq big screen in the Times Square, sending good wishes to consumers worldwide.

The short film was played on loop, showing the charm of Guangdong citrus to the world through beautiful natural images and unique cultural atmospheres.

The 10-second video presents representative varieties from seven major citrus-producing areas in Guangdong, including Renhua Gonggan Mandarine, Xinhui Mandarine, Sihui Shatang Tangerine, Lianjiang Red Orange, Pingyuan Navel Orange, Chaozhou Mandarine, and Deqing Gonggan Mandarine.

These areas locate on the Tropic of Cancer. It is the world’s golden belt of citrus. The citrus produced features a rich aroma, thin skin, juicy, tender, flesh, and a perfect mixture of acidity and sweetness.

As one of the advantageous production areas of citrus in China, Guangdong has a long history of citrus planting, and its superior ecological environment has bred many citrus varieties.

Now, Guangdong citrus has matured, waiting for global consumers to buy and taste. This week, citrus in Lianjiang, Pingyuan and other places began to go on sale. Fruit farmers reported that the price was in line with expectations, and the selling price of high-quality fruit was higher. Chaozhou Mandarine are expected to go on sale around the Chinese Spring Festival, and Sihui Shatang Tangerine are expected to go on sale next month. Currently, the Guangdong citrus market is performing well overall.

This time, the promotional video of Guangdong Citrus was shown on Times Square in New York, USA, which is the first step for Guangdong Citrus to go international. Guangdong invites consumers around the world to taste the sweet and juicy Guangdong citrus, and share the good taste and good luck of Guangdong with the world.

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