Alex Ryu Joins The Net Zero Token Network (NZTwork) Sustainability-Oriented Cryptocurrency Platform To Help With Rapid Growth As A Software Scaling Advisor

October 01 05:37 2022

Alex Ryu has joined the Net Zero Token Network (NZTwork) as Software Scaling Advisor, to help drive the rapid growth of the NZTwork web3 platform.

NZTwork is creating a next-generation private cloud of 5G cellular distributed edge servers operated by NZTwork infrastructure users, who provide near real-time data storage and processing across the network and are rewarded in $NZT crypto tokens. This groundbreaking development is expected to grow to millions of users very quickly and will accelerate the net-zero economy by enabling rapid collection and access to near real-time energy and environmental data collected by NZTwork data miners.

NZTwork is democratizing near real-time data for large data consumers such as carbon markets, energy utilities, smart cities, and insurance providers. These organizations enable many services such as: renewable energy generation, energy optimization, cost savings, and predictive maintenance to consumers and businesses worldwide, leading to rapid decarbonization and net zero economic transition. Unlike traditional companies, NZTwork users create the fundamental data and infrastructure for themselves and others to benefit from. Mr. Ryu has a long history of developing software and scaling technology companies, most notably as CEO, CTO, and COO in the Travel and Logistics industries. In addition, Mr. Ryu was formerly the leading Principal Consultant to the CTO of when acquired by Microsoft Expedia for $800M, as well as the CEO of Opus9 and US Managing Director for the IT Systems subsidiary of Hanjin Shipping, Korea’s largest shipping company. With the help of his experience and expertise, NZTwork is well-positioned to create and grow the world’s first decentralized net-zero economy. This is part of an essential step in making the vision of an eco-sustainable future, climate targets, and corporate ESG a reality.

Mr. Ryu said, “The potential for blockchain technology to help us achieve a net-zero future with a decentralized solution involving giving the power of decarbonization back to the people via a technological solution is tremendous. I’m excited to be part of NZTwork and help drive its vision forward.” Ryu brings over 20 years of experience in software development, engineering, and organizational leadership, making him an invaluable asset to NZTwork’s mission of facilitating a global data insights network and services that will help minimize environmental impact.

With his help, NZTwork aims to accelerate the development of its net zero economy technology and bring it to market sooner. “We are enthusiastic about having a large-scale software professional like Alex Ryu on board,” said NZTwork’s core technology advisor or CTO, Phillip Kopp. “His expertise will be invaluable in assisting NZTwork to achieve it’s goal of building the platform for a more sustainable world through the power of blockchain. We’re excited to welcome Alex Ryu to the NZTwork family and look forward to our next chapter of success with his guidance and support.”

About NZTwork

The Net Zero Token Network (NZTwork) is transforming cryptocurrency and sustainability with infrastructure to capture and monetize carbon reduction and renewable energy activities using real-time data provided by NZTwork data miners. For the first time, NZTwork users can monetize their data collection and energy performance activities from prominent organizations and data consumers down to the individual level. NZTwork will soon begin enabling all consumers and businesses worldwide to participate and earn from the $850 Billion growing global carbon credit market while simultaneously saving money and the planet. Visit the NZTwork website at and youtube channel or Linkedin

About Alex Ryu         

Mr. Ryu has over 20 years of building and leading software companies as CEO, CTO, and COO in the Travel and Logistics industries, including the leading Principal Consultant to the CTO of when acquired by Microsoft Expedia for $800M, CEO Opus9, and US MD for the IT Systems subsidiary of Hanjin Shipping. Linkedin.

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