Alex Cano & Company launches groundbreaking book “Agile Change Lean Sigma 5.0®” a step-by-step guide to successfully changing, improving, and transforming organizations

September 23 01:36 2022
Alejandro “Alex” Cano, the founder and CEO, offers an inspiring book that serves as an excellent tool for those who want to make a positive change, drive improvements and transform their environment into a driven and result-oriented one. Agile Change Lean Sigma 5.0® is a Change & Improvement methodology built from proven and successful methods.

Alejandro Cano, the founder and CEO of industry leader Alex Cano & Company, has released “Agile Change Lean Sigma 5.0®,” a groundbreaking book for organizations that want to manage change successfully and achieve better results quicker.

“In the new economy, businesses and organizations must be more agile and innovative to stay afloat and thrive. However, studies suggest that less than a third of improvement projects are finished on time or within budget, and only a few accomplish their intended objectives,” says Alejandro.

Approaches and concepts, including Lean, Six Sigma, Agile, Change Management, Project Management and Organizational Psychology, are usually utilized. However, the benefits are reduced since they are commonly employed independently.

“Agile Change Lean Sigma 5.0®” is a game-changer because it shows organizations how to use them in a fully integrated way. The book provides the first methodology that blends technical tools and soft skills to drive both change and improvement.

Agile Change Lean Sigma 5.0® is an evolutionary step among today’s methods for change and improvement. It captures the best tools and concepts from the five areas of expertise while developing new and more effective tools for crafting, driving, implementing and sustaining both Changes & Improvements.

“A comprehensive methodology explained in simple terms and very applicable phases that help organizations introduce change and make improvements sustainable. If you are interested in viable strategies for your organization, then this book is a must-read,” said Luz E. Garcilazo, a Continuous Improvement and Learning Leader at Dupont. 

In a review on Amazon, Eduardo Tovar said, “Agile Change Lean Sigma 5.0®” is a great book that is “simple, easy, and interesting to read.”

“I liked how Lean & Six Sigma concepts were explained but also how it describes implementation techniques like Change Management and Organizational Psychology. I recommend this book to anyone embarking on six sigma black belt training,” wrote Eduardo.

Raúl León, another reader, described “Agile Change Lean Sigma 5.0® as “very interesting” and lauded the author for bringing a game-changing methodology for organizations that want to thrive in the cutthroat competition.

“I like how this book really put the tightest things that I use a lot when doing lean projects like Project management and organizational psychology. Highly recommended,” says Raúl.

Alejandro Cano is a recognized expert in different fields, including Operational Excellence, Change Management, Project Management, Organizational Psychology, Quality, and EHS.

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