Start-up capital of 100 million US dollars, the currency circle aircraft carrier Seener strikes

September 22 03:06 2022

Seener, a cryptocurrency asset management company, announced today that it was officially incorporated in the UK. Unlike most startups that grow through financing, Seener started with as much as $100 million. The market value of Seener has exceeded 1 billion US dollars in the industry assessment.


Why is a startup so favored without starting any ecological layout?

Seener’s high valuation is mainly due to the following points:

SEENER BLOCK TECHNOLOGY PTE. LTD was spun off from Brookfield Asset Management Inc. Brookfield has hundreds of years of asset management experience and manages more than $750 billion in assets worldwide. In Seener’s plan, the first stage mainly uses cryptocurrency trading as the main profit method, which makes the market more confident in Seener.

Seener has successfully brought the advantages in the traditional financial industry to the cryptocurrency market. In the past year, Seener has performed well in its business, bringing users more than 150% annualized returns without any financial risk.

·Seener’s start-up capital is as high as 100 million US dollars, and it claims that there will be no financing in the middle, which shows that Seener has strong confidence in its own profitability, which also makes the market trust it.

Complete ecological layout and rigorous planning routes. Different from the traditional encrypted ecological layout, Seener is no longer a partial layout, it has a complete cosmic ecology. At the same time, firstly attract members through their own financial advantages, and then establish financial products such as exchanges and loans after establishing the number base. This allows the members established in the first stage to establish the liquidity of the exchange and other financial products for the development of the second stage. User base. After having a relatively complete ecological foundation, the construction of the public chain, Web3.0 and other core content will begin, and finally the migration will be carried out to build Seener into an ecological universe fully autonomous by the universe member DAO.

Since the birth of Bitcoin, the blockchain is about to go through its 13th year. During this period, we keep seeing the birth of new technologies, and we keep seeing traditional corporate giants getting involved in the blockchain & encryption industry. We are also seeing more and more people accepting and using cryptocurrencies, including well-known personalities and even countries. We are delighted to see quality companies like Seener bringing their well-established and mature financial systems to the crypto market. As Seener said, we hope that children in Africa can also enjoy elite education in Europe and the United States, and we hope that the economies of poor and weak countries will no longer suffer from financial sniping by big powers. We want to have more equal education and finance on a global scale.

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