This Startup Is Optimizing Retail Brands In Time For The Shopping Season

September 21 13:57 2022

The shopping season has officially commenced. Unlike most years, shoppers have decided to kickstart their holiday purchases earlier than usual for a couple of reasons: a) to take advantage of low prices, and b) to snag holiday goodies before shops run out of stock. Expecting a huge surge in sales, retailers are now gearing up for a flood of orders in the next few weeks. This is particularly challenging for most stores with an online presence as customers just click to buy, leaving retailers insurmountable expectations to meet. 

With this overwhelming demand, retail companies are now investing in more advanced technologies to make online shopping a breeze, both for their businesses and their customers. From AI-based solutions to real-time product visualization, one startup is integrating its design methodology and technological capabilities with online retail stores for smoother and faster transactions. This gap is bridged by one startup that’s disrupting online shopping by storm: renovai, optimizing retail brands through AI-powered shopping assistance.

Surpassing Customer Expectations

One of the headaches online shoppers usually face is the inaccuracy of items they receive. More often than not, what one typically sees on retail websites doesn’t usually match what they receive – expectations vs. reality. This is also a common challenge for online retailers: the lack of customer interaction when it comes to recommendations and advising. The reality is immediate consultancy is hardly available in online purchasing. From discovering products to assessing choices, a customer is mostly alone in the decision-making process. The lack of technological capability is a hiccup that most retail brands face, which could potentially lead to losing high-value clients. This is where Renovai’s nuanced machine-learning and deep-learning algorithm come into the picture.

One of their solutions calls for customers to fill out a short questionnaire to establish the design and 3D visualization stage. From there, shoppers can then see a lifelike image of what they want with a wide array of choices tailored according to their taste and requirements. From product discovery to ensemble customization, renovai minimizes the functional risks of online shopping through a hyper-personalized experience, drastically surpassing customer expectations. Virtually, it’s just like taking shoppers to the physical store itself. 

Faster Decision Making, Higher Profits

Renovai’s optimization solution has already yielded exceptional outputs to large-scale retail brands both in speed and volume of sales. Faster decision-making leads to happier customers; happier customers lead to frequent purchases, and frequent purchases lead to higher profits. Retailers using renovai have already reported a drastic 25-30% increase in revenue, 100% in customer session duration, and 16% in AOV (Average Order Value). This shows the riptide result of hyper-personalized experience and how renovai can enhance profitability by leveraging design knowledge.

Renovai Takes Care of the Rest

There’s only one thing that retailers need to do: share their product feed; renovai takes it from there. Online shop owners don’t need to be tech-savvy or seek assistance from developers. The team at Renovai takes care of the tech side, and retailers can solely focus on the business, simplifying both the customer and retailer experience. 

As global retailers prepare for online shopping to surge, renovai positions itself as a leading solution provider of state-of-the-art optimization and hyper-personalization in the retail industry.

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