Basic Income Today Tracks the Momentum of Universal Basic Income

May 04 19:12 2021
Basic Income Today is an initiative of the non-profit Gerald Huff Fund for Humanity.

Victor Hugo, the author of Les Miserables, wrote: “Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come.” By 2021, Universal Basic Income, sometimes called UBI or basic income, has reached that status. Without calling it that, it is already happening – to counter the economic upheaval that the pandemic has unleashed, the Federal Government has already made three direct cash payments to the majority of Americans.

The idea of government providing its citizens with a basic income goes back to American Patriot Thomas Paine and was shared by the conservative economist Milton Friedman and the social justice icon Martin Luther King, Jr. UBI is a direct transfer of funds collected by the government and given equally to all Americans on a monthly basis for their adult lifetime. It is the 21st century evolution of Social Security and the idea is now an important part of the national conversation among the electorate, the legislators and community activists concerned with increasing income inequality.

Basic Income Today was launched in April 2019 to track the momentum of that conversation. It is edited by the internationally-recognized UBI expert, Scott Santens and curates on a daily basis the best of a wide range of articles pertaining to UBI world-wide.

There are many aspects to this concept, economic, social, political, philosophical and practical. Basic Income Today monitors news outlets to identify the most relevant articles in these categories and publishes them to provide an up to date overview of the field. These articles cover the gamut of topics from government action to pilot projects.

Basic Income Today is an initiative of the non-profit Gerald Huff Fund for Humanity whose mission is to raise awareness of UBI and to promote its understanding, acceptance and implementation. The Gerald Huff Fund for Humanity has created multiple successful Universal Basic Income initiatives over the years, including a Universal Basic Income petition. Learn more about the Funds’ vision, mission, initiatives and the overall basic income cause on the Gerald Huff Fund For Humanity website.

Because of the importance of UBI as a transitional solution to the challenges we face as a nation, Basic Income Today is the place to keep abreast of all the news on this vitally important and rapidly developing topic.

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