How to Win in Life Through the Unleash Your Strengths Community

May 04 17:51 2021
Unleash Your Strengths on your Business, Life, Health, Relationships and More.

“When people want to achieve but they don’t know who they are, they jump from fad to fad, thinking what they need to succeed is the right opportunity, when what they actually need is confidence in who they are.” This is what husband, father, coach, and entrepreneur Eddie Villa imparts to the Unleash Your Strengths Community.

As what Eddie suggests, breaking the chains of any binding force implores one to discover and trust in one’s own strengths and abilities to succeed whether it be in business, marriage, health, relationships, or life in general. Strengths are discovered by taking the Gallup Clifton Strengths Assessment, but it is the Community’s job to coach and take those strengths even further.

The Unleash Your Strengths Community brings justice to “no man is an island,” encouraging people to build, own, and nourish a community together. Through evidenced-based assessments and coaching, members can draw from innate strengths and take them to new heights. What’s best is the shared experience with the entire community.

Joining the Unleash Your Strengths Community opens opportunities to learn from exclusive content, have deeper conversations with members, see insights of richer polls, and participate in both online and in-person events.

With the advent of social media, engaging with like-minded individuals has never been this easy and the Community builds on this momentum to connect members who are closer together, fall into the same categories, or have and care for the same interests.

The Unleash Your Strengths Community promises five key things to its members—exclusive content and conversations; connection with people who share similar interests and strengths, do the same things, or talk about the same topics; help members make better and more well-informed decisions; share stories, experiences, and ideas around a shared mission; and inspiration, thought-provoking conversations, and expert perspectives.

One other great thing about learning in and with a community is realizing that one’s weakness could be another’s strength and finding that it is possible to complement each other not just to fill gaps but to support each other to use strengths as leverage and weaknesses as opportunities to grow.

As Eddie said, “I am infinitely unique and cannot be duplicated,” one has his or her own unique capabilities that when discovered and harnessed, can unleash great potentials for one’s success. The beauty of success comes with realizing that, “The only limits I have are the ones I place on myself,” says Eddie.

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Eddie Villa is a podcaster, author, and multiple six figure earner in Network Marketing, as well as a multiple six figure earner in internet marketing and coaching. With the help of Strengths, he found his voice, and his passion. His mission is to help the world love itself.

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