Christy Villasenor Takes Unique Approach To Productivity For Women Entrepreneurs With Chronic Illness

August 02 05:30 2022
Christy Villasenor is a multi-certified coach and strategist. She is a certified life coach, master marketer, and Dubsado specialist. Christy Villasenor takes a unique approach to productivity for women entrepreneurs with chronic illnesses.

Christy Villasenor is a multi-certified coach and strategist. She helps entrepreneurs and business owners to discover their unique productivity and motivation needs through self-discovery and success strategies. She also allows them to streamline their business systems in order to achieve greater success. 

Christy Villasenor is an Intuitive life coach who helps women entrepreneurs with chronic illnesses to be more productive. Rather than looking only at the tasks that need to be done, Christy takes a holistic approach, considering the whole person and her unique circumstances. She understands that those with chronic illnesses often have to manage their energy carefully, and she helps her clients to make the most of their time and resources. By working with Christy, women entrepreneurs with chronic illnesses can learn how to manage their businesses and their lives better.

This freelance coach has a passion for coaching and educating others on how to reach their goals and live successful lives. Christy helps entrepreneurs to step into their power and add productivity to their lives. She challenges and guides them to create profitable and authentic businesses. She has a unique perspective as a coach living in Los Angeles, CA. She understands the importance of honoring one’s gifts and passions to create a successful business, and provides the tools and guidance necessary for entrepreneurs to thrive personally and professionally.

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According to Christy Villasenor, “I see a lot of women shy away from working with people with chronic illness by either not working with us or by ignoring that core part of us. They don’t realize that there are many others just like them, except for the fact that everybody works differently on a day-to-day basis. But they all still have the same hopes and dreams, they still want to make a difference in this world, and they still need help navigating life’s challenges. I myself suffer from a disability due to chronic illness, so I know first-hand the challenges of trying to manage a business when you’re not feeling your best. 

As a life coach, I focus on helping her clients find their unique productivity and motivation through self-care and energy levels. I provide tools and strategies to help them stay focused and motivated, even when they don’t feel up to it. My clients have seen great results, and many are now able to manage their businesses more effectively than ever before.”

Christy is uniquely able to help her clients find the root of their problems and develop long-term solutions. Her clients appreciate her dedication to providing quality service and often see positive results in their personal and professional lives. 

When it comes to productivity for women entrepreneurs with chronic illness, Christy Villasenor looks at the whole person, not just their business ventures. Having a supportive coach can be tremendously helpful for anyone struggling with chronic illness. She provides an environment that is both nurturing and encouraging, helping her clients to achieve their goals while also managing their health needs. In this way, women entrepreneurs are helped to feel more in control of their lives and businesses, despite their chronic illnesses.

About Christy: 

Christy Villasenor is a multi-certified coach and strategist who helps her clients achieve a balance between their professional and personal lives. Christy’s approach to coaching and consulting helps her clients maintain momentum while achieving their goals.

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