A must-read children’s poem book that appeals to audiences of any age, while doubling up as a coloring book: Every Any Thing by Joshua Swearingen

May 27 00:27 2022

Children’s author and illustrator Joshua Swearingen continues to delight young readers with Every Any Thing, a collection of humorous poems that feature universal, relatable themes. This versatile read also doubles as a coloring book to allow children to engage with the material from a variety of creative perspectives.

Inspired by the works of Shel Silverstein, Every Any Thing includes stunning illustrations and playful fonts to capture the imaginations of even the most reluctant readers. Each poem has a key message about a core aspect of life, including the search for one’s inner artist, appreciating nature, and embracing adventure. Parents will appreciate the extensive vocabulary, which provides children with the opportunity to learn new words and phrases. The book also includes a list of definitions to further enhance this educational component.

Fans of Dr. Seuss and Aesop’s Fables will adore the lovable characters and wacky situations in Every Any Thing, many of which are based on experiences from the author’s own life. Although intended for children, Every Any Thing has both the substance and the whimsy to relate to audiences of all ages. Swearingen hopes to cultivate a love of reading and help readers explore the possibilities of their imaginations.

Reviewers enthusiastically praise this heartwarming debut, citing “Everydays” as a favorite. In a time of global uncertainty and near-constant change, Swearingen’s work is a powerful reminder to keep the spirit of childhood alive. When asked to reflect on his writing, he simply states, “I tell my children to remember this time, their childhood, and to use the warmth of that memory to help them during the challenging times in their adult lives.”

Every Any Thing is available for purchase on Amazon.com or wherever books are sold.

Joshua Swearingen is the author and illustrator of Every Any Thing. Although originally from South Carolina, he has traveled extensively as a commercial truck driver and loves sharing all that he’s learned about local cultures in his work. Swearingen is also the proud father of 13-year-old Mathias and 10-year-old Connor.

Visit him on Twitter at @everyanythingsc, Facebook at @EveryAnything2015 or YouTube at @EveryAnyThingYT.

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