10 Easy Ways to Get Free Money From Government

May 14 00:41 2022

The government offers help to low-income people and people who did not handle the expenses of their daily routine life. One can get free money help from the government different programs that are running to help people. However, one can visit Getgovtgrants.com to check for different grants and check their eligibility criteria, and can apply for them.

1. Help with utilities

If you are facing problems with your utility bills and need help with this, then you can look for LIHEAP. As the government offers help to Americans with $398 per month on utilities. LIHEAP is funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Service to offer their help to Americans on the state level with their different heating and cooling programs.

2. Free or reduced childcare

If your child goes to daycare then you have to spend $215 and this is a big financial burden on parents, but they can ease this now with the Child Care and Development Fund. It is because the government offers funds to states, territories, and tribes to assist with childcare expenses. However, the criteria will differ, but those who meet income criteria and children under 13 years old are eligible to get benefits.

3. Weatherization money

If you are worried about your cooling and heating bills, then you have to improve your home energy efficiency. There is one more program from the U.S. Department of Energy that is the Weatherization Assistance grant. However, this is based on income, like if in a family there are four members and their annual income is less than $52,400, then they are qualified for this.

 4. Food assistance program

IF you are a low-income family member but have a large family then you spend lots of money on groceries that can spoil your monthly budget. Thus you can get help from different food assistance programs like SNAP and WIC. These programs help low-income, women, children, and seniors and provide them with healthy and nutritious food, along with healthy eating education. One can visit the Nutrition.gov page to look for available food assistance programs.

 5. Healthcare needs

If you don’t have any medical plan then you can use the free income screening tool on Healthcare Marketplace. You can check if you can claim a tax credit or lower-premium plans. However, there is Medicaid for that disabled people, pregnant women, low-income, and other medical patients can get help who are under 65 years old. Parents can also visit InsureKidsNow.gov to check that their kids are eligible to get healthcare benefits.

 6. Low-cost or free phone service

If someone belongs to the low-income poverty line and fulfills other eligibility requirements then they will get free or low-cost phone service along with free internet. Phone or mobile is an important part of a person’s life now. It will connect people to get jobs, with family, and can use it in their emergency times to get help and lots more states the FCC. That’s why low-income and other people who fulfill the criteria can get free phone service, but pays a little cost that starts from $9.25 monthly plans.

 7. Unemployment benefits

Because of the pandemic, many people lose their jobs. If you are one of them who didn’t know about their job loss immediately and now facing a problem then can get help from unemployment benefits. However, the amount will depend on factors like where you live and how long you were employed. Even you can expect $300 to $400 per week if the American Rescue Plan passes from the government.

 8. Free tax preparation

If you are over the age of 60 years then you will get benefits from the TCE program. This program not only offers to help seniors assist with their taxes, but can answer questions regarding income, pension, and retirement. For people who are with disabilities, are not proficient in English, and earn less than $57,000, through them the IRS’s Volunteer Income Tax Association Program, one can get help from retired tax experts and volunteers.

9. Housing assistance

If you are a low-income person but want to have your own house, then you will get help from housing assistance. Numerous programs are run by the government to help people who meet eligibility requirements and income criteria such as FHA down payment grants.

10. Education Assistance, grants, and loans

Lots of students did not get proper education just because of their low family income. But government understands the importance of education and that’s why comes with different education assistance, grants and loans. One can apply for Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant, Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education Grant, or Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant, and one can also look for the U.S. Department of Labor’s Scholarship search tool.

Final words of advice

You can check for other programs as well. These programs are just some of the programs that are offered by the government. You can visit the official website and can check for other helpful assistance programs.

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