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January 19 22:12 2022
Local Electrician in Lake in the Hills IL. Serving all of McHenry County, Illinois explains why people should have a smoke alarm and Carbon Monoxide Detectors in their homes.

A family-owned & local electricians Serving McHenry County, IL has launched an important campaign to explain why every home should have a smoke alarm and a carbon monoxide detector. MB3 Electric’s services who has said that every home very 20 years of age should have their wiring checked, is shocked how few homes have a smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector installed.

A report has found that 890 lives could be saved annually if a home had a working smoke alarm installed. With this news, the McHenry County, IL Electrician wanted to re-educate people on why they should have a smoke alarm installed (

MB3 Electric’s services that install Smoke Alarms and carbon monoxide detectors have said it is a cost-effective way to save lives and damage to property. With more than 358,500 fires each with 50,000 caused by electrical faults, a smoke alarm is the first line of defense to warn people of a fire.

Having a smoke alarm and not having a smoke alarm can make a huge difference. If a person does not have a smoke alarm on their property, then they could die in their sleep through the fumes of the fire as well as the fire itself. A smoke detector is not just about saving lives and giving people an early warning. Having a smoke alarm can also reduce property damage.

If someone is aware of the fire at an early stage, then they can contact emergency services much sooner. This means that there could be less damage to the home. However, some people believe that they only need a few smoke detectors in their homes. If a person has a large electrical appliance such as a computer in the bedroom, then it is important to have a smoke alarm fitted in that room.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors are another important accessory that every home in McHenry County, IL should have, and which MB3 Electric’s services can install.

This important safety accessory has and does save lives. The Carbon Monoxide Detectors can detect the poisonous gas and provide early warning. There is no smell with Carbon monoxide, which means without a detector it would be hard to detect.

Carbon monoxide can be produced by any fuel-burning device within the home. Three main sources of carbon monoxide are a drying machine, home furnace, and fireplace or chimney.

MB3 Electric’s services who want everyone to be safe provide a full electrical service. That includes panel upgrade, rewiring a property, installing HVAC, and electric vehicle chargers. They also offer an audit of how to reduce energy bills as well as providing an electrical safety inspection.

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