The introduction of the advantage contrastive between the Swiss type CNC lathe with the conventional processing procedure.

January 17 10:40 2022


As the aerospace, military, shipbuilding, automobile and other industries have higher and higher requirements for precision parts processing, the precision performance of machines becomes more important. The design of Swiss type CNC lathe is also to high precision, high intelligence, high efficiency as the main goal. Precision design is an important part of ensuring and improving the precision of machines. In traditional machine design, the tolerance level of each component of the machine is mainly designed by means of experience.

Due to the different degrees of influence of errors in each link on the overall accuracy of the machine, the degree of difficulty in achieving precision control is also different. Therefore, in order to save design and manufacturing costs and analyze the main factors affecting machining accuracy, it is particularly important to establish an accuracy model and perform error sensitivity analysis.


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The various errors that affect the overall machining accuracy of the Swiss type CNC lathe mainly include geometric errors, thermal errors, load errors, servo errors and interpolation errors of machine parts, and the influence of geometric errors on machining accuracy is the main research content of precision design. The comprehensive geometric error of the machine is reflected in each component and will be reflected in the machining error of the workpiece to be processed. By accurately establishing the precision model of the machine, the relationship between the overall accuracy and the accuracy of each component can be reflected. Many scholars at home and abroad have carried out extensive and in-depth research on the spatial error modeling method of cnc machine center.

Many-body systems theory, etc. A multi-body system is a comprehensive abstract, highly generalized and effective description of a general mechanical system, and it is a model form for analyzing and studying mechanical systems. The Swiss type CNC late is one of the internationally popular processing techniques in the field of mechanical processing, and it is an important direction for the development of machines. This equipment also includes various forms such as turning-milling compound machine , turning-milling-grinding machine, milling-grinding compound machine, cutting and 3D printing compound machine, cutting and ultrasonic vibration compound machine, laser and stamping compound machine, etc. The purpose of composite is to make a machine have multiple Functional, can complete multiple tasks in one clamping, improve processing efficiency and processing accuracy.


The single-spindle Swiss type CNC lathe automatically processes the parts to be processed according to the pre-programmed processing program. We write the machining process route, process parameters, tool motion trajectory, displacement, cutting parameters and auxiliary functions of the part into a machining program list according to the specified instruction code and program format, and then record the content of the program list in the control On the medium, and then input into the CNC device of the machine tool, so as to direct the machine tool to process the parts.

Compared with the conventional CNC processing procedure, the outstanding advantages of the single-spindle Swiss type CNC lathe are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Shorten the product manufacturing processing procedure chain and improve production efficiency. This machine can complete all or most of the processing procedures in one clamping, thus greatly shortening the product manufacturing process chain. In this way, on the one hand, the production auxiliary time caused by the change of the loading card is reduced, and at the same time, the manufacturing cycle and waiting time of the tooling and fixture are also reduced, which can significantly improve the production efficiency.

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2. Reduce the floor space and reduce the production cost. Although its single price is relatively high, due to the shortening of the manufacturing process procedure chain and the reduction of equipment required for the product, as well as the reduction in the number of fixtures, workshop floor space and equipment boring and milling machine costs, it can effectively reduce the overall investment in fixed assets and production operations and management costs.

3. Reduce the clamping times and improve the machining accuracy. The reduction in the number of clamping times avoids the accumulation of errors due to positioning fiducial conversions. At the same time, most of them have the function of online detection, which can realize the in-situ detection and precision control of key data in the manufacturing process, thereby improving the processing precision of products.

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