Business Coach Ashley Effinger is Helping Women Entrepreneurs Turn Their Business Dreams into Reality with Journaling

January 12 16:27 2022

Releasing her debut journal on Amazon, My Dream Business Journal: For Women Entrepreneurs with Writing Prompts, Ashley Effinger sets out to help women gain clarity and confidence in starting and running their own business. Effinger takes her readers on a journey that provides them with a plethora of useful tips and tricks like tools on how to run a successful business, how to acquire multiple streams of revenue and how to gain confidence in themselves along the way. Not only does this journal help women who already own a business, but it helps the ones who are still stuck in the beginning steps of the process. It’s meant for any idea or service and the women who want to turn that into something more.

With this journal, the customer will get 100 pages filled with writing prompts that will help them with clarity, confidence and taking action in their own life. These prompts vary from short and sweet to long and meaningful. Depending on which prompt is chosen, it is something that can fit into a quick morning routine while drinking a cup of coffee, or it is an activity that they can complete during an evening to themselves where they want to write and reflect. This journal is available for any occasion.

To begin this journey, Effinger begins with clarity and confidence. Some of these prompts are specifically targeted to bring out all those amazing ideas floating around inside her reader’s head. The hardest part of any process is putting pen to paper. Effinger does any excellent job of creating prompts that help bring those ideas to life. Not only will it help women create a more concise and clear vision for their business, but it gives them the confidence they need to take the next step.

Too many people believe they are not capable of starting and maintaining their own business, but this journal will prove them wrong. Some of Effinger’s prompts combat doubt and insecurity. In order to help them become the entrepreneur they were always meant to be, Effinger provides her readers with advice on how to acquire and maintain multiple streams of revenue through their business. She also provides them with prompts that promote confidence and strength in maintaining their brand professionally and efficiently.

This purchase will benefit any of those people who feel stuck or unsatisfied in their current job. It’ll benefit anyone who believes in doing something more with their time. Effinger encourages those women who hate their 9-5 to step away and work towards something they’re genuinely passionate about. This journal makes it possible for readers to take all their misguided and untapped potential and put it towards a job they love.

Embarking on this journey will help readers uncover an exact idea for the business that’s been collecting dust in the back of their minds. While creating and running a business is no small feat, this journal will help women narrow down genuine ideas, concepts, products and services that could work together to create their dream business. Effinger effectively leads the way through the confusion of narrowing down a specific business aim and model.

While it can be intimidating creating a business out of something one’s love, Effinger flawlessly helps her readers confront those fears and helps them navigate their way through the insecurities of running their own company. With My Dream Business Journal women can sort through all the harboring thoughts and come out on top with the best business model that’ll keep them hard working and passionate about their work throughout the years.

Last but not least, this journal contains 20 deeper dive extra bonus prompts. With these hard-hitting questions, readers will be forced to reflect upon themselves and the business owner they wish to become. While this journal works to build up confidence, the only way to do that is to really reflect on one’s inner self. This method of self-reflection helps women to create something that is genuine to themselves. When they provide their customers with that transparency and individuality, the more their customers will keep coming back.

Female business owners (both aspiring and present) that are ready to take the next step in their business, My Dream Business Journal: For Women Entrepreneurs with Writing Prompts, is exactly what they’ll want to help them on their journey. With 70+ business writing prompts, they won’t miss a thing. They’ll be able to pin down that business idea they’ve had in mind for years. They’ll be able to leave that suffocating 9-5 and start doing something they love. Grab your copy today on Amazon!

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