Botanicals S2: eco-friendly footwear brand launches sustainable and Vegan sneakers on Kickstarter

July 22 17:48 2021

Botanicals S2 is a premium quality, green, and cruelty-free sneaker collection that promises a stylish design and affordable prices.

The ethos of sustainable fashion is not limited to apparel only but has also extended to the footwear scene today. One of the latest flag-bearers of green-fashion in the shoe scene is the Paris-based startup, Botanicals Eco Fashion. An eco-conscious footwear brand, the company has recently launched an exclusive collection of sustainable and Vegan sneakers on Kickstarter. The sneakers, called Botanicals S2, are made of recycled cork leather.

“With pollution and carbon emissions on rise at an alarming level, our planet and our lives are in grave danger. The onus is on us to embrace and adopt sustainable steps that will help to protect natural resources, reduce pollution, and lessen carbon emissions. It’s such ethos that drove us to launch an eco-conscious brand that can scale up sustainable fashion in the footwear industry to newer heights. And thus, Botanicals Eco Fashion and Botanicals S2 was born”, stated  Talal Yassine, the man behind Botanicals Eco Fashion.

Botanicals S2 sneakers are manufactured with recycled cork leather which is a sustainable material and also carries the esteemed Cork Mark certification. The footwear is a strong advocate of Vegan fashion as well, and has followed a completely cruelty-free production process. Only natural elements have been used in the manufacturing of the Botanicals S2 sneakers.

Another major factor that makes Botanicals Eco Fashion different from regular counterparts is its focus on quality over quantity. Yassine stressed Botanicals Eco Fashion’s commitment  to providing premium quality shoes to customers at a great price.

“We are all about quality over quantity. Thus, we produce products in small batches so that we can maintain control over the quality part and deliver to you a truly superior product that you will cherish forever. Added to the sustainability quotient, we have also  worked on the style factor of our shoes  to ensure fashion-forward designs that our customers would love to flaunt. Also, we believe that quality doesn’t have to cost a fortune- our S2 sneakers are one of the most affordably priced sneakers in the market today.”

Per the statements of Yassine, all the S2 sneakers have been ethically produced in Portugal with strict compliance to Fair Trade methods. Right from design till the production, all stages of the operation have been carried out in Portugal only. The sneakers have also been tested in a local shoe tech center to ensure the durability of the eco-leather and soles. Speaking on, Yassine revealed about their mission to support the local economy through Botanicals Eco Fashion.

“Our Botanicals S2 sneaker collection is our humble way to tell the world that ‘we can’ protect the planet if we have the good will to work towards it. At present, we are looking for mass production and hence this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring our S2 collection to life and take the footwear industry a step closer to sustainable lifestyle.”

Backers will be rewarded with special Kickstarter discounts on Botanicals S2 sneakers. To show your support for the campaign, please visit their Kickstarter here:

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