From Trailer Park To Millionaire: Brian Mark, Entrepreneur, Coach and Podcast Host’s Story Of Overcoming The Odds

November 20 05:49 2020

6 years ago Brian Mark had finally hit his rock bottom.

Raised by a young single mother, Brian had endured a difficult upbringing, from feeling out of place in his own family to battling obesity and behavioral issues, his adolescent years had been anything but easy. He’d found refuge in football, had exceeded his fitness goals, and was looking forward to playing at a collegiate level when an injury senior year ended those dreams. Because he had never developed the emotional skills to cope with loss and disappointment he immediately turned to a life of partying and numbing the pain with alcohol. On the outside, his lavish parties and constant circle of friends may have masked his suffering as he continued to spiral deeper into substance abuse. 

By the time he was 22, he was working as a nightclub manager and partying constantly. It wasn’t until his manager caught him doing cocaine behind the bar and fired him, that he realized how low he’d slipped. In his darkest hour, he returned to his grandmother’s house. 

“She prayed over me, cried with me, and supported me in a moment when it seemed all else was lost,” Brian recalls. 

Determined to get his life back on track, Brian got a job working as a janitor at a local summer camp. Although the position was far from glamorous, Brian was relieved to be so far removed from the partying scene. He spent the summer getting clean, working towards regaining his fitness by night, and scrubbing toilets by day. Throughout the summer, he began to take a hard look at what he wanted for his life. He set tangible, if a bit lofty, goals and began to work towards them. 

When his summer gig ended he got another job, this time managing a restaurant instead of a club. He enrolled in a fitness competition and spent the next 8 months honing his physique and mental mindset. He placed second in that competition and immediately registered for another upcoming competition. Brian won his next competition and by this time, his physical fitness had begun to draw the attention of his peers. He began to offer online training, coaching others on the same practices and regime that had helped him achieve his greatest fitness goals. He set a goal of bringing in 10K a month and once he hit that goal he began to bring on friends and family to his team. Within just the next year he and his team hit 50K in sales but he was beginning to feel the strain of having friends as colleagues and worried he would lose his passion for fitness if he kept on that trajectory.

Brian continuously came back to the vision for his life that he’d formulated a few summers back. 

“I want to be the reason that other people have a better life. I want to help others change their mindset, their physique, and their lives to become better leaders, lovers, and friends,” says Brian. 

He realized that by training other online trainers he could elicit a ripple effect and have 100x the impact. 

Today, Brian coaches online trainers all over the nation and has been able to radically transform their online training business and client results. 

“My mission is to completely transform one online trainer’s life, from there, they’ll go out and impact hundreds of others,” Brian shares. 

Determined to reach as many people as possible, Brian started his first podcast, Change lives, Make Money, in 2019. The podcast provides other online trainers and coaches with value-packed advice to start and scale their own online business. It’s been ranked in the top 50 business podcasts in Canada and recently reached 25,000 downloads. For Brian, this is only the beginning. He draws inspiration from the esteemed Gary Vaynerchuk (also known as Gary Vee) and seeks to offer as much free value to his listeners as he can. From business advice to inspirational guests, the podcast is chock-full of all the tools and strategies an online coach needs to see success. 

In 2020, Brian Mark earned his first million at just 28 years old. He did so by outworking every other person in the industry and continuously returning to his dedication to his clients. 

“As a coach, it is my job to listen, show up, and actually care about my client’s well-being,” explains Brian. 

He is committed to his client’s success and changing their lives. 

As he looks ahead to the next few years, he is overcome with gratitude and anticipation, “I am so fortunate to be able to help others live happier, healthier, and stronger lives.” 

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