Lipomassage Cellulite Treatment Could be the Answer to Every Woman’s Prayers

October 26 07:50 2020

A Florida lipomassage cellulite treatment clinic has delivered the news that no woman wants to hear – every single woman on the planet is susceptible to cellulite and it we don’t really know how it is caused.

Solea Medical Spa and Beauty Lounge wants to help women in Florida understand more about cellulite and how it is formed and offer them a solution on their doorsteps to this worldwide beauty problem. 

The clinic is using the very first FDA approved 100% natural massage technique that helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

A spokeswoman from Solea said: “Lipomassage is based on a technique founded in France in the 1980s. A machine is used to stimulate the skin. This movement loosens and frees up stubborn fat cells and helps them to metabolize.

“Quite often these cells are resistant to diet and exercise, and it is this non-invasive treatment that takes just 15 minutes that can help It helps reduce the problem.

“Lipomassage reduces the appearance of the orange peel skin, it reshapes your body so it actually looks like you have lost weight, it improves blood circulation, reduces muscle pain and increases collagen and elastin in the skin to make it more tighter in appearance,” she added.

The Solea Medical Spa and Beauty Lounge uses a patented technology – IMR (Independent Motorized Roll) to carry out the cellulite treatment that stimulates natural lipolysis (breakdown of fats) by 70%.

Every client undergoes a special electronic scan, so the technicians carrying out the treatment can see exactly where the fatty deposits are on the body and target the right spots. 

Lipomassage is also recommended for women who have undergone liposuction. The massage helps to reduce swelling and scar tissue forming after a liposuction treatment. Plastic surgeons actually recommend lipomassage to improve the liposuction results.

The cause of cellulite is unknown, but experts think it is a lack of movement and interaction between connective tissue in the skin and the layer of fat below it. This is why the massage effect of lipomassage is thought to be so effective. 

Hormones are also thought to play a big part in cellulite development. Lower estrogen levels and the slowing down of circulation of blood flow to connective tissue in the skin as women approach menopause means are thought to be factors. A slowdown in circulation means that less oxygen gets to the area, so less collagen is products – which keeps the skin taught. And fat cells enlarge when there are lower estrogen levels.

Solea Medical Spa and Beauty Lounge recommend their clients have two to three sessions a week over a 10 week period for the best results in lipomassage.

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