Pop Artist Rumour, Releases New Hit Single ‘Far From Perfect’

August 10 22:32 2020

When you are listening to the new single “Far From Perfect” from Rumour, you might feel like you are in the presence of any other pop star. In fact, it’s easy to associate Rumour and The Chainsmokers or Rumour and Justin Bieber together. They both have a similar sound, and the icons rely on the purity of the vocals, just like Rumour does.

Your art should do something for people, according to Rumour. He is quoted saying, “I want my music to stand out and be different. I want it to inspire.” This is a lot for a person who is already in the presence of giants hoping to make a mark.

Rumour is poised to be big. He has that signature sound that will help him rise. He also has excellent inspirations, such as The Weeknd and The Chainsmokers. He likes to add in EDM to give a twist on the current pop and R&B sounds that are out there.

His exploratory sound is a welcome ballad in the world of the contemporary. It’s all about lyrics and heart in today’s pop world. You can have it all, but you can miss the mark if you don’t express it adequately. Content is the king, even in the music industry now. This is where the songwriting team for Rumour has stepped up their game. They aim to express things that would have otherwise been left unsaid.

Rumour is signed to SpacedOut Studios. He grew up in Maryland with humble beginnings. In the large town of Waldorf, he sat under the tutelage of his father, learning how to strum on the guitar. It is here that he began to love music. Later he learned how to produce and do sound engineering, two highly sought-after skills in the industry. He is multi-talented as he even writes his own lyrics.

Rumour has vast experience in the industry through his use of his passion for collaborating with other artists. He’s also dabbled in different genres throughout the years. Rumour seems to have found his niche lately, though, and settled into it.

You can visit Rumour’s Instagram for daily updates. He does a cover of Justin Bieber’s “Yummy” in an Instagram post. Most of his other pictures are in the studio. He has the boyish good looks that it would take to be a heartthrob of the industry as well. Any little advantage can’t hurt in this day and age. We will undoubtedly be seeing more of him in the future.

His Music is published on all major music streaming platforms. You can go to this website to hear the current tracks from Rumour.

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