Buy Custom Retail Bags and Heat Shrink Wraps from Durapak Supplies

November 08 22:36 2019

Durapak Supplies is a leading supplier of high standard packaging and shipping materials for household and industrial use in California. Since the year 2000, the company has specialized in a wide range of janitorial and safety supplies, plastic bags, shrink wraps, containers, sealers and equipment, custom poly bags, gloves, cable ties, organza fabric bags, to mention a few. Durapak Supplies sells its products online, with shipping arrangements put in place for international customers.
“Unlike most firms that supply their packaging and shipping supplies from a variety of manufacturers, we are the primary source of all our products,” explained the company spokesperson. “Producing our supplies has seen us significantly cut our costs and reduce overhead expenditures which are passed down to our clients’ as savings. This has seen us price our products way below the average market rates while maintaining a constant level of quality thanks to our quality control systems. New ideas and suggestions on product improvements or innovations are also quickly implemented, giving them faster turnarounds.”
If there is one element that must never be absent in any store regardless of what they specialize in, are shopping bags. Clients highly value these versatile packaging products as they are simple to use and can easily be carried without any trouble. Durapak Supplies is doubling the fun by allowing their clients to buy custom retail bags that will go a long way in enhancing a brand’s presence. These bags are made more appealing by including the store’s name, artwork, and brand colors.
“At Durapak Supplies, we are the leading heat shrink wrap supplier,” said the company spokesperson. “Our firm has a reputation for outperforming our peers in this arena. We do so through our broad range of products, which have been realized from top-grade material for providing high-quality performance. Our company features a variety of items in this category, which include PVC Shrink Flat Bags with Vent Hole, Polyolefin Shrink Bags with Vent Hole, and PVC Shrink dome bags and much more. More details on this category can be found on our site.”
Durapak Supplies is the ideal location for individuals searching for hand stretch film. The film has excellent cling and high stretch ability that makes it suitable for pallet packing. The high-performance multilayer micron stretch film can be used in transportation, moving, shipping, and warehouse. The multilayer technology applies high-performance hexane/octane polymers to make the wrap tighter and the rolls lighter. The stretch film can help users to save money and material without compromising on its performance. Durapak Supplies also has an inventory of stretch film that has a built-in hand
About Durapak Supplies
Durapak Supplies is an online marketplace for packaging and shipping materials. The company has a warehouse in California which stocks a wide range of products of various categories. They include sealer and equipment, bags, shipping supplies, boxes, cases, films, janitorial and safety products, shrinks, twist ties and cable ties, ribbon, and gift packaging for industrial and household use.

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